Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Cannabis Terpenes vs. Blended Terpenes

Cannabis terpenes are derived purely from the cannabis plant, they are very difficult to find and very few companies use true cannabis terpenes. our terpenes are extracted from pure 100% organic bc cannabis. Blended terpenes are the most common in todays' market. they mimic flavor and terpene profiles to replicate cannabis. they are derived from various plants, fruits and materials to get the blend to mimic cannabis.

How do I turn on my pico rechargable pen

SImply push the button on the side 5 tiems to enter and exit from sleep mode. Our batteries come 50% charged out of the box but may require charging right away.

What is the ideal Voltage for my Pico Pen

Our Personal preferece is to vape at 3.8 volts. this gives a smooth smoke wihtout burning the distillate. it is important not to burn your solution or it will have a burnt taste the rest of the cartrdge through. novice smokers should start with low Voltage and then work their way up. please note our carts also have an adjustable airflow for ease of smoking and control of the size of your puff

What happens if my Cartridge plugs

We often see our carts plug when used with a non pico battery. this occurs as the battery cannot get the oil hot enough due to how thick our ditillate is. If your cart plugs when it is nearing the bottom of the oil, simply hit the button and draw on the cart until it pops and clears. the more you warm it up the faster it will clear. *use caution not to get hot oil in your mouth*

Where Can I Buy Pico

Pico products can be found on our partner site or local distributors.

What Does Pico Stand For

Pure Intense Certified Organics! all our products are guaranteed ot be organic and derived from AAAA BC bud. We lab test each batch for the highest quality non solvent guarantee.

What are the Ingredients in Pico

we use only pure organic distillate derived from bc cannabis and pure cannabis terpenes derived from the extraction process. our products are lab tested for all fillers, additives and solvents. We are very proud to have the highest potency adn cleanest product on the market

Pen won't Charge

Try cleaning your battery where the charger screws in. we suggest using a cotton swap with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. if it collects dirt it will blink as if its charged and will not be charged.

My Pen wont turn on

Please push th ebutton 5 times fast or until the light flashes. 5 pushes on the button will also put th ebattery into sleep mode.